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Girl-in-misery-sad-alone-upset-sitting-image-pic-1000x623 Holding it together – or not - Wednesday 15 March - The other day I was thinking – it has been a while since I have written a blog. So I popped on line to check and turns out I haven’t
happy_3 Laughter is the best medicine - Monday 7 November - If you know how to raise a polite teenage boy please tell me how!! These are some of my favourite patients to see. Kind, polite, well spoken teenage boys who
A worn chain with a question mark as one of its links on an isolated background The missing link - Thursday 13 October - We had to study pretty hard in high school to make it in to Medicine. There we had to study even harder to make to become a doctor. And from
life-is-like-a-train-journey-lifetothefullwithjesus No regrets - Friday 23 September - I have the absolute pleasure of attending deliveries in my work. Of course we are often called to attend the deliveries where there is some sort of risk to the
1083115_1280x720 Taking kindness to the next level - Thursday 15 September - Be healthy, be happy, be kind. I know I harp on about the last point so much. Maybe because it has such a big impact on the other two. Maybe
IMG_5294 copywater Moments that make me smile - Wednesday 31 August - I love working with kids. I’m sure any school teacher, child care worker, play therapist, or anyone who works with children would agree with me in thinking that there is
wallpaper-1899822 Time to shift the focus - Wednesday 24 August - I received a letter of feedback from a family once. Of course my first thought was: *PANIC* “What have I done wrong??” But that was fleeting as I scrolled down
Nurse working at hospital nurses station The same path, but different - Sunday 7 August - For the first time, I came to the hospital as a visitor, not an employee. And it was strange. After so many years of strolling – no, rushing – through the
Mechanic holding a wrench at a car garage What do I know about cars? - Sunday 31 July - I would never argue with a mechanic if they told me that something in my car is terribly wrong and it could be unsafe to drive it unless it is
child_emotion_face_cute_funny_69888_3840x2160 Not so scary after all - Monday 25 July - The majority of children don’t like coming to hospital, seeing doctors or having procedures done. There are things about these experiences that seem to stick, in a bad way. We
Young woman making a facial expression Well that was awkward - Thursday 21 July - I was at a rural hospital. Middle of the night. Emergency caesarean. An emergency caesar is a big deal in those smaller hospitals, it’s not as simple as a “Code Green”
_73041188_c0093568-sad_young_man-spl I think I just ruined a teenager’s life - Thursday 14 July - Delivering bad news. It’s part of our job. “Your child has cancer” is by far the worst. “Your child is terribly sick and we don’t really know exactly what is
1102-.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasex We are who we are - Sunday 10 July - Over the weekend I had a catch up with “the girls”. A lovely group of ladies I went to medical school with. It was some 13 years ago when we
Greys.Anatomy.S09E01.720p.HDTV_.X264-DIMENSION.mkv.Still002 Just human - Monday 4 July - With winter well and truly upon us and emergency rooms busting at the seams, hospitals beyond their capacity and everyone being worked to the limit; this is the time when
po8ugykdko Forget the pill – birth control at its best - Tuesday 28 June - Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I promised I’d always just tell it how it is. Let’s just say that yes being there for the birth
c1920x1080_45 Parents say the darndest things - Friday 24 June - “So what brings you in to Emergency?” “My daughter has a rash” I thoroughly examine every where… “I can’t see a rash at the moment, can you tell me where
slide-1 Through a child’s eyes - Tuesday 21 June - At the start of a busy night shift I took a moment to visit a patient in Intensive Care who we had transferred there the night before. He’s what we
landscape-1440436877-hbz-ellen-degeneres-index Ellen DeGeneres eat your heart out - Monday 13 June - “Be kind to one another” is by far my favourite slogan ever but I think someone somewhere has already used that?? For months now I have been thinking of a motto,
question-mark-background-vector To know or not to know - Tuesday 7 June - There are very few things in life that are a true surprise anymore. We seem to be so caught up in a world where we want to plan, prepare and
Elephant-Fountain-baby-elephant-fountain-didi-higginbotham Fountain of truth - Saturday 4 June - In infants with fever and vomiting we always like to check for a urine infection. Now catching a urine to test it is probably the most annoying thing I ask
greys-anatomy I’m an adrenaline junkie. So what? - Thursday 2 June - Today I was actually going to finish on time (queue the fanfare as this is a very rare occurrence) But instead… I CHOOSE stay behind. Yep. I actively made the
The kid’s got a point.. - Monday 30 May - One of my favourite things about working with children is that they can be so matter of fact and much smarter than what we give them credit for. One conversation
Dads in delivery rooms - Friday 27 May - The funniest comment I’ve heard in a delivery room: “Wowsers look at the knackers on my son. That’s my boy!”   The most awkward comment I’ve heard in a delivery room:
family-interaction It’s all in the family - Thursday 26 May - I met the sweetest 11 year old boy who was admitted after being diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. (If anyone has a secret tip on how to raise a kind,
The humble cheese toastie - Wednesday 25 May - Now I’m not a cheese toasty type of person, in fact I’m actually not a huge fan of cheese. I don’t hate it but it doesn’t really bother me if
Patients. Patience… - Monday 23 May - “Hi Mums and Dads. I’m the senior Paediatric Doctor in the emergency department tonight. As we are now switching over to night shift we are going down to two doctors and