Dr. Nelu is a Paediatric Doctor with a love for educating parents and patients about common health concerns, giving advice about children’s health and spreading positive health messages. After being involved in hospital media campaigns and cameo TV appearances she undertook presenting training and hopes to eventually broaden the diversity of young professionals portrayed in today’s presenting industry. Combining this with her medical expertise Dr. Nelu is keen to use the entertainment platform to create awareness and education around health topics being a credible, relatable and accessible source of guidance to the public.

Everything written or spoken by Dr. Nelu reflects her own thoughts and opinions and is not in affiliation with any institution. It is all general advice based on evidence, teaching and years of experience, and is provided for overall information giving – not to replace medical care. If you have any specific concerns about your child please seek help from a medical professional who can assess them in person. There is no responsibility assumed from any of the information across the website and all associated social media platforms.