Parents say the darndest things

“So what brings you in to Emergency?”
“My daughter has a rash”
I thoroughly examine every where… “I can’t see a rash at the moment, can you tell me where you saw it”
“Actually it’s gone now. But look doc can you just say she has a rash, and she got it from her father’s place so now she can’t go there anymore?”
…We are often asked to do things like this. Of course we politely decline.


“So what brings you in to emergency?”
“My daughter (few years old) never flushes the toilet and the other day when I checked her poo looked like a log the length of your forearm”
…Doctors are very privileged to hear honest thoughts about people’s deepest concerns.


“So what brings you in to Emergency?”
“I was having an argument with my friend at home. My baby (few weeks old) was on the couch at the time so my friend sat on him. I picked him up and moved him to the other end of the couch and my friend sat on him again. I just want to check he’s ok”
…And then sometimes I wonder


“So what brings you in to emergency?”
“We are worried our son (few months old) is sick because he’s refusing his usual night time bottle of Coke”
…COKE?? No comment. Like I’ve said, I see all kinds


Be healthy. Be happy. Be kind.
Dr. Nelu x



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