To know or not to know

There are very few things in life that are a true surprise anymore.

We seem to be so caught up in a world where we want to plan, prepare and then plan and prepare a bit more. Maybe it’s just a type A personality thing but from jobs, to finances, to houses / families / hair appointments / car servicing / coffee catch ups etc etc there seems to be this constant urge to plan to the tee. Sure we never know what will actually happen, but when do we ever have the opportunity to make the choice to NOT plan something in advance and have the outcome completely change your life??

This is why seeing parents find out the sex of their baby in the delivery room is one of the best moments in my job. So much so that I’ve already laid the ground rules that I don’t want to know. Who cares about preparing a pink or blue room (who even does that any more?) Whites, greys and yellows will do just fine. There is something so indescribably special about that split second when the parents find out. (Not to mention the six or so months leading up to the delivery when you hear all the weird and wonderful phenomenons your friends, family and colleagues will tell you about what you’re having and all you can do is smile and nod because no matter how ludicrous the theory there is actually a 50% chance they’ll guess it right)

Either way, it’s magical. Gets me every time.

For anyone sitting on the fence – trust me on this one.

Dr. Nelu x


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